4 tips for making this school year the best one yet

Gary FalconSchool Management

Before students fill classrooms with pencils, books, and tales of summer adventures, school staff and teachers return to prepare for the new year. In only a couple short weeks – or less – teachers have to set up the classrooms, have team meetings, and get everything ready for students to arrive.

Is your school ready for the new year? Here are four ways teachers and staff can use a learning management system to make this year the best one yet.

  1. Course resources – Having a learning management system as part of your private school administration software allows teachers to post important content resources, homework assignments, videos, and other interactives for students and parents to refer to at home. No more losing or forgetting homework assignments or notes at school, meaning students can be more prepared and teachers can charge into the lesson knowing their students have what they need to succeed. Also, a great LMS allows teachers to carry over lesson plans and other resources from one school year to the next, making pre-planning a breeze.
  2. Parent/teacher communication – Keeping open lines of communication with parents is a crucial part of teaching, especially at a private school where families often choose to enroll because they desire more involvement and information about what is happening in the classroom. Private school administration software allows seamless communication between staff, teachers, students, and families by giving a centralized location for finding announcements, course content, and more. 
  3. Gradebooks – Online gradebooks have made huge, hefty spiral gradebooks a thing of the past. Teachers can update and view gradebooks on the go, simplifying the process and saving data every step along the way. This also helps with teacher-parent communication, because families can get updates on student progress throughout the year, rather than just when report cards come out, helping facilitate those important conversations.
  4. Professional learning communities and staff collaboration – Part of preparing for a new year is attending professional development, staff meetings, and establishing professional learning communities for the year. A school management software like Twine makes keeping up with groups easy, listing them alongside courses right in the main menu of the system. Teachers and staff members can choose the faculty or staff group they want to contribute to and add lesson plans, data, or even post questions or comments for the group to see. 

Thinking about simplifying the start of your school year for your teachers and staff? Please download your checklist to help figure out what your school needs and how to choose the best software for you.Download your checklist