Calendars are key to keeping students organized and parents happy

Gary FalconParent Engagement, School Management

One struggle every parent has experienced is helping their kids stay organized and on top of their school work, clubs, and activities. Between color-coded planners, dry erase boards on the refrigerator, and notes on top of lunch boxes, your school’s families have probably tried just about every method of staying on top of their varied schedules. With an LMS like Twine, you can help simplify their lives, keeping parents happy and satisfied.

The Twine calendar system is the key to keeping students organized and parents apprised of the many important dates that pop up during the school year. As an administrator, you control the master school calendar for things like holidays, school-wide events or fundraisers and the like. Every parent sees the school calendar and all associated items.

Teachers also have calendars for individual courses to post due dates for assignments, upcoming tests or even field trips. These course calendars are automatically pulled in to the personalized calendar for each student, so parents don’t have to visit individual course pages to see what’s coming up.

Also included in each student’s calendar are any important dates for clubs, sports or other organizations he or she participates in. For example, if Tommy is in debate club, he and his mom and dad would see the normal school-wide events, any upcoming deadlines for his classes, plus debate club practice and competition times – all on one calendar.

And the icing on top? All of this calendar information is easily accessible to parents and students – even right from their phones or tablets.

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