Ways to combat math summer slide

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While keeping students active and learning during the summer is something that can make a big difference in knowledge retention, it can be difficult to find ways to incorporate the skills students need to practice into their regular summer routines. These three tips can help keep math fresh in students’ minds without making them sit and do drill and practice … Read More

Ways to combat summer slide in reading

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Summer Slide is the term used to describe the potential loss of learning gains students suffer during the summer months while schools are closed. Without intervention, these “slides” can result in students being grade levels behind in reading over time. Here are three easy ways you can help your students keep sharp, even when school is not in session:  

Transitioning to online learning for your private school

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Last updated: 3/16/2020 With COVID-19 concerns looming, many schools and school districts are looking for ways to move to online learning to support efforts to limit social interactions and the spread of disease, while not creating a disruption to students’ academic pursuits. To that end, we’ve developed this guide to help schools implement online learning. Getting students connected  Infrastructure is … Read More

Digital portfolios are a win-win-win for your school

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With the school year getting underway, many of your teachers are probably starting to think about the long-term progress they hope to see their students make this year. Over the course of a school-year, students produce large quantities of work, and compiling this work is great for demonstrating student growth, as well as allowing teachers using alternative grading systems to … Read More

Give your teachers and faculty a whole-student view

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One of the things that is so important in education is consistency and continuity in how students are taught. Each year, teachers and staff make connections with students, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and find novel ways to reach that particular student. But, in many cases, the next year teachers start from scratch, almost negating the work the previous teacher … Read More

Simplify your school’s clubs and organizations with this tool

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With only a few more weeks left until school starts, you’re probably starting to think about how to make this year run more smoothly than the last. Outside of their regular teaching duties, one area your teachers can focus on is dealing with student clubs and organizations. As it stands, in most schools, students join a club or organization at … Read More

Gradebooks and report cards and transcripts, oh my

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These tools are so fundamental – and seem so straight-forward. Yet too often schools spend countless hours compiling grades, filling out spreadsheets and forms, building report cards in Word or Excel, and having no insight into overall school performance until the end of the term when often it is too late to intervene.  What if there were a better way?  … Read More