Focus on these 4 things to keep parents happy at the start of the year

Gary FalconParent Engagement, School Management

A new school year is right around the corner, and with it comes the chance to make a first impression on new families and to welcome returning students back. In the realm of private schools, it is especially important to start the year off right, because students and families haven chosen your school specifically – and you want to show them they made the right choice!

Here are four things to focus on to help get your school year started right:

  1. News and announcements – Communication, both parent-teacher communication and school-family communication, is one of the best ways to have a positive experience. Having a place where families know they can go to view important announcements from teachers, clubs, and the school as a whole, instills confidence and creates peace of mind for parents. Make sure that your parents and families know where you’ll make announcements and how to find them if they need them. Bonus points if parents can ask questions or respond to announcements with ease.
  2. Class schedules – As a school administrator, you know that the work of the school year starts long before the students walk into their classrooms. There is a ton of effort that goes into building student schedules and getting them assigned to teachers. Once that is done, though, it is just as important to communicate that information to your teachers and families. Private school administration software can take all those schedules you worked so hard to build and get them to the people that need them most, helping you operate more efficiently and professionally and ensuring families are taken care of, even before the school year starts.
  3. School year expectations – Part of preparing for the new school year is making sure parents and students know exactly what they’ll need to start with success. One of the learning management system advantages is having a place where parents can access information easily. From school supply lists, to dress codes, to project and homework expectations, parents and students can easily access all that they need to know to start the year on the right foot.
  4. Introduction to teachers and classmates – Students can sometimes have a lot of anxiety about meeting their new teacher and seeing what their class is like. What if you could help ease these concerns during the very first week of school? Great school management software can help facilitate student engagement and make the process of getting to know a new teacher, and new classmates, a lot easier. Building a strong learning community is the key to a successful year, and walking in to the classroom with confidence during those first few weeks is a great way for students to start. 

Want to learn more about school management software and how to decide if your school has what it needs to start the school year on a high note? Please download your checklist.