Happy holidays from Twine

Gary FalconSchool Management

It is hard to believe 2018 is nearly over. As the relief of winter break edges near, we’d like to take the time to wish you a wonderful and restful holiday season. Too often, teachers and school staff charge into winter break with intentions of revamping lesson plans, doing prep for next semester, or even finishing up grading and grade input from the fall.

Happy Holidays

While all of those are admirable tasks, don’t forget to take care of the most important task of winter break: getting some well-deserved rest and quality time with friends and family.

Remember how rejuvenated and enthusiastic you felt at the beginning of the school year? Make it your goal to return in January feeling the same way – recharged and ready to take semester 2 by storm.

If you feel like you must do something teaching-related over break, here are some suggestions:

  • Read education blogs or books – We’re a little biased toward the Twine blog, but there are thousands of options out there. Read for fun and enjoyment, take some notes if you must, but remember to savor the chance to just read!
  • Reflect on your profession and why you entered it – Coming off of a long semester can be hard. Take some time to reflect on your favorite memories, former students, and teaching accomplishments.
  • Organize and get rid of clutter – If you’ve got boxes of hard-copy lesson plans or other important documents, take a few minutes each day to scan a few and toss them into the recycling. You’ll feel more relaxed after decluttering and future-you will be thankful when you pack up at the end of the year.

However you choose to spend your break, know that you are appreciated and respected. From all of us at Twine, thanks for what you do and we’ll see you back in January!