Keep parent satisfaction high at the end of the year with these 4 suggestions

Gary FalconParent Engagement

Starting the school year by laying a strong foundation of parent communication, as recommended in our previous blog, can make a huge difference in parent satisfaction. But what about at the end of the year? As students round the corner to their last few weeks of school, parents often reflect on the school year and their satisfaction with the school. Here are 4 tips to end the year on a high note and have parents and student excited to return next year:

  • Student awards and recognition – The end of the year is the perfect time to shine the spotlight on your students. Parents love seeing their children recognized, especially publicly. Make sure to take the time to hold an end-of-year ceremony or celebration for outstanding students and include notable student accomplishments in your newsletters or announcements home to parents. They’ll enjoy seeing their child’s name in print and it will leave them feeling proud and appreciative of the school’s efforts to care for their child.
  • End-of-year grades and standardized test scores – Especially for struggling students, the end-of-year grade process can be anxiety-inducing. In some schools, students don’t receive report cards until they show up for fall registration, long after the summer is over. Similarly, in schools with end-of-year standardized testing, families sometimes wait weeks or months to find out how their child did. Your learning management system can help in both of these instances by allowing for clear communication with parents and students throughout the year – even when school is not in session. Not only can an LMS make your grade submission process simpler, but report cards can be provided to families without having to mail them out (which can be time consuming and expensive) or wait until the fall to distribute (which can be inconvenient for families).
  • Course registration for next year – With students more frequently taking part in optional summer enrichment courses or activities, waiting until fall to have a schedule can make things tricky. Of course, no one expects teacher assignments and student schedules to be ready the moment school gets out but having communication with parents early and often is always a good plan. Your LMS allows for quick and easy set-up once you’ve got teacher assignments and rosters ready, so students can get to know their teachers before the year even starts!
  • Teacher conferences – Along with wrapping up the school year comes the last chance for parent-teacher conferences. For many parents, this is a great time to get a sense of yearly progress from teachers and see what feedback or recommendations they have for their children in the next school year or even ideas for further enrichment over the summer. With a learning management system, you can simplify conference scheduling for your teachers and parents, making the process more streamlined for everyone.

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