Leadership skills to make your school a haven of personalized learning

Gary FalconSchool Management

An offshoot of blended learning, personalized learning focuses on tailoring content or lessons to the specific needs of each student. It can be tough to have 25 different versions of a lesson happening at the same time, each specifically focused on a student’s wants and needs, but technology has made it a lot easier to move in that direction.

Adapting to new technology and teaching strategies can be difficult for teachers, so it is up to principals and other school leaders to help faculty learn, grow, and adapt to these changes.

In an interview about their new book on personalized learning, Mary Ann Wolf, Elizabeth Bobst and Nancy Mangum emphasized three main areas that school leaders can focus on to help their schools transition to a focus on more personalized and/or digital curriculum:

  • Articulate a shared vision – make your students, faculty, parents, and community members feel like a valuable part of your decision making and implementation when it comes to rolling out a personalized learning initiative. Ask questions, get feedback, and make sure your various stakeholders understand your vision for the school – and embrace it themselves.
  • Model – Be sure to model your use of these technologies to show teachers how they can be used to provide feedback, collaborate, and communicate more easily. Integrate personalized learning into your school’s professional development so teachers can see how beneficial it is on a personal level. They’ll be more likely to adopt it in their own classrooms if they’ve experienced it first-hand.
  • Adapt to the pace of change – change can sometimes happen rapidly, leaving teachers caught in a whirlwind of their regular responsibilities and adapting to new technologies and strategies. Make sure to provide teachers with the time, space, and support they need to really give these new technologies and strategies a chance, and reward those who try new things, even if they aren’t all successful.

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