Make grading more efficient with Twine

Gary FalconProduct Features, School Management

For most schools, grades are the primary way to track their most important objective: student performance. Yet, too often the inefficient process of grading takes too long for teachers, doesn’t provide school administrators with the insight that they need and want, and isn’t available in a timely fashion to keep students and parents informed of progress.

A school administration software like Twine solves all these problems.

Twine allows teachers, administrators, parents, and students to better access, input, and share grades and other measures of student progress.

  • Teachers have automatic gradebook entries for any assignments they create within their courses, making it quick and easy to manage student grades. Assignments submitted through Twine can even be graded right there within the course, eliminating the need to lug around bundles of printed student work.
  • Administrators have the peace of mind of knowing that teachers are using consistent and reliable ways to track student grades throughout the term, and that the correct and most up-to-date information will be readily available, should there be any questions or concerns
  • Parents and students are able to access their grades in real time from anywhere – even from a mobile device – to get a clear understanding of what work might be missing or coming up, what their current grade is, and which areas are student strengths and weaknesses.

Gradebooks and grade management are just a small part of what a school administration package can offer. Want to learn more? Please download your checklist to see other benefits to schools with a student information system and/or learning management system.Download your checklist