Make sure you know your state’s regulations about starting a new school

Gary FalconSchool Management

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re somewhere along the process of starting a new school. You’ve probably spent some time envisioning what you’d like your school to be like, and maybe even begun the process of setting your school up. One thing that is absolutely crucial to your success is knowing and understanding the state regulations for opening up a private school.

States’ regulations over private schools vary wildly, with some states requiring little more than a heads-up that you’re opening a school, and others having a specific required curriculum and detailed paperwork to submit.

How often are you required to hold fire drills? What kind of student health information must you collect? Do you need to hire certified teachers? What about state standardized testing? 

Preparing for these requirements is going to make all the difference when you’re ready to open up, so we’ve compiled all of the big picture requirements and regulations for you in our comprehensive guide to starting a private school.

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