Make the jump from website to full LMS with Twine

Gary FalconProduct Features

As you get closer to opening your new school, you might be wondering at what point you need more than just a website for your potential students. Maybe you want teachers to begin to plan blended learning initiatives, or you’d like students to research and plan for the clubs and activities they want to be involved in and be able to talk to teachers and club sponsors in the process? Maybe you just need a place to start teacher professional learning communities and content-specific planning?

With Twine, this transition can be a snap.

As a new school working on preparing to open, may have considered Twine for your website and admissions, allowing you to build a website, start admitting students, and work with school leadership on an internal intranet to plan, solve problems, and get ready for day one.

Once you’ve reached day one, or perhaps shortly before, we can seamlessly transition you to the full Twine suite, with varied options suited to match the needs of schools of varying sizes and with different goals in mind. The full Twine suite allows schools to set up a state-of-the-art learning management system for students, teachers, and parents so they can communicate, view course materials, and even submit assignments, and track grades and attendance.

Teachers can load future assignments, share lesson plans with other teachers, and build PLC groups within the LMS, too.

At Twine, we are excited about helping schools, passionate about transforming learning and focused on improving student achievement. We are proud to provide technology solutions that help schools achieve their goals. Want to know more how and when to transition from Twine Startup to our full Twine suite?  Please Contact us.