Make your website do the heavy lifting for you with these tips

Gary FalconSchool Websites

Whether you’re just starting out as a new school or working on further establishing your already-existing school, a good website is crucial to your efforts. There’s a little bit more to it than just tossing some information up on the internet – think of your website as how you portray your school to the public. Here are some things to keep in mind as you develop or revise your school’s site:

  • The most important thing to remember with your school’s site is that it isn’t something that you want to cut corners or skimp on. Anyone who wants to learn more information about your school is going to end up on this page. Spending a little time and money up front can really make a difference in the long run.
  • With more than 50% of website traffic coming from mobile phones, be sure your website is designed to be responsive. Websites that are responsive automatically adjust to the type of device the user has. When someone views your site on a mobile device, it reorganizes content and navigation to be easy to read and use on the smaller screen.
  • Another thing that schools sometimes forget about when revising or building their websites is to include the relevant information that both prospective parents and prospective employees would want to find. It might seem like a no-brainer to include admissions and tuition information, but you don’t want to forget to provide contact information for teachers or other staff who might be interested in joining your team.
  • Last, consider how much work will be required to keep your website current. What if you could choose items from your internal school calendar and have those items – as well as announcements – automatically posted to your school website? A system like this would save tons of time and effort, right? This is one of the benefits that systems like Twine, school management designed for private schools, can offer.

At Twine, we are excited about helping schools, passionate about transforming learning and focused on improving student achievement. We are proud to provide technology solutions that help schools achieve their goals. Want to know more about what web site services we can provide for your school? Contact us.