Simplify teacher evaluations with an LMS

Gary FalconLearning Management, School Management

Evaluation season is here! Yes, it is that time already – the time where you frantically take notes while teachers demonstrate their teaching ability in one or two class periods. Days, weeks, even months blur together in a sea of paperwork and classroom visits and you begin to question how many teachers your school really employs. 

Okay, maybe there is a little exaggeration there, but doing teacher evaluations is tough. There’s no real replacement for actually observing your teachers in action, but what if there was a way to simplify the process, stay more organized, and see more of what your teachers are doing than what can be observed in a class period or two? 

That’s where your learning management system comes in. 

When teachers build lessons, communicate with parents, and share resources with students in the LMS, they can share with you the things they do behind the scenes to really make a difference in their classrooms. You can “observe” their interactions with parents, which is nearly impossible to do during a normal classroom observation, as well as see progress in professional development by checking in on PLCs or other faculty groups they participate in. 

Best of all, you can have your very own workspace to keep track of feedback, comments, or notes all year long, so there’s no more scrambling at the end of the year to pull evaluations together – you’ve got everything saved for you. Plus, if there’s a specific area a teacher needs to work on for next year, that information can be saved and accessed through the LMS, too, so neither of you lose track of what your goals are, even when things get hectic.

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