Switch to virtual PLCs for more efficient teachers and better results

Gary FalconSchool Management

One of the challenges of running a small school is providing the support and professional development that allows teachers to continuously improve and stay engaged These small groups of teachers work together to identify and tackle problems within their school or district and find ways to improve their pedagogy in the process.

Of course, it can be difficult for teachers to find time where they can all meet to brainstorm and discuss what they’ve been working on with varying planning periods, club sponsor duties, and before and after school parent conferences.

One way to facilitate better professional learning for your staff is by creating online professional learning communities (PLCs). The concept is nothing new – the US Department of Education published research as far back as 5 years ago suggesting that online PLCs can be just as effective as in-person meetings. What is new, though, are emerging technologies and virtual platforms to make online PLCs incredibly simple and effective.

For example, a system like Twine provides a group feature that can be used for student clubs or sports teams, but is also perfect for small teaching groups, like a PLC. Within groups, teachers can share documents, comment on things other teachers have posted, ask questions, and send messages to the group. They can even track project deadlines and goals via a calendar function.

Having a dedicated workspace for PLCs helps teachers be more efficient at their jobs, approach their PLC work when the time best suits them, and encourages brainstorming and quick sharing of ideas without waiting for a weekly or monthly meeting time. Ultimately, successful PLCs lead to better teachers and better teachers means a top-notch experience for your students and parents, which is the goal of every school.

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