Top ed tech blogger recommends Edsby for K-12 LMS

Gary FalconNews

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that Twine is a robust learning management system for small and medium sized schools that provides a comprehensive set of tools to staff, faculty, students and parents to better communicate, work more efficiently, and access the information they need from anywhere at any time.

What you might not know is that Twine is powered by Edsby, an award-winning LMS for large school districts.

When schools sign up with Twine, they get not only the great support and tools offered by the Twine team, but also everything that is already built in to the Edsby platform.

Recently, The Ed Tech Round Up, a leading educational technology blog, reviewed Edsby and gave it the blog’s highest rating for an LMS – 5/5. One of the things that blogger Michael Karlin highlighted about Edsby is that it is truly an LMS designed with K-12 education in mind, rather than a higher education LMS adapted to fit K-12 schools. Karlin also noted Edsby’s ease of use, saying that being able to integrate with tools the school already uses makes setting up and using the system friendly and easy.

With Twine, you get access to Edsby’s LMS platform, without having a large school district SIS to connect to. We set up your student information system, import any student data you already have, and connect you to Edsby, giving you the best of both worlds – access to large school tools and resources on a small or medium school budget.

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