What is better than social media for school communications?

Gary FalconLearning Management, Product Features

Want to incorporate social media into your classroom, but have reservations about sharing your personal life with your students? You’re not alone.

We recently wrote about a new study that demonstrated several benefits to teachers and students interacting in online social environments. The study found improved student-teacher relationships, increased academic motivation and performance, and positive impact to student resilience, empowerment, and commitment.

However, the study also showed that, much like in a professional work environment, participants felt that there were details of their personal lives shared on social media that they were uncomfortable sharing with each other. Separation of private/home life from school was the most commonly listed reason that students, teachers, and parents had reluctance to interact on social media.

But no need to fear – this separation is easily addressed with a school management system that facilitates social media-style sharing alongside traditional management tools like class rosters, calendars, gradebook and attendance.

For example, Twine allows students, parents, and teachers to interact in their own virtual classroom, much in the same way they could on social media – even including a look and feel that mirrors popular social media platforms. This allows for all of the benefits of social media in the classroom, but allows everyone to adapt a classroom profile that is separate from their personal Facebook or Twitter pages, making students feel comfortable and ensuring their safety on the internet.

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