Why your school needs to be social

Gary FalconSchool Management

Social media is an undeniable part of the lives of your students, parents, and even teachers. That’s why Twine provides a communication experience that mimics the look and feel of social media. Twine is for your school life what Facebook is for your personal life.

Having school management software that looks and feels like a social media site has myriad benefits for your school and your ability to communicate with students and parents:

  • More parents know what is happening and are checking updates regularly, because the habit of checking for updates carries forward from other social tools that they use and check regularly
  • You’ll get better participation from students, who are accustomed to sharing information and asking questions using social tools
  • Teachers share more information more often, because they can post updates to a feed as quickly as they can share a Tweet; this happens more quickly and with less hassle than platforms that focus only on structured content.
  • Parents become more communicative and less frustrated: Having everybody together in a single social-oriented system encourages “private messaging”, so parents feel invited to reach out to teachers when there are questions or concerns

Your school deserves more than a run-of-the-mill learning management system – it needs  school management software that gives students and parents the communication tools they need, in a familiar, easy-to-use format. To find out more about Twine and how we can help your school improve parent communication, please talk to one of our experts, or download your checklist. to see which system would work best with the needs of your school.