Work smarter and keep parents happy with 2 new features from Twine

Gary FalconProduct Features, School Management

You may be familiar with many of the ways Twine helps keep parents in the loop, from class news and activities to school announcements, schedules, student grades, and more. For schools that want to take the next step, we recently added our Advanced Parent Communications option, providing two powerful new tools:

Parent-teacher conference scheduling

Many schools ask teachers to coordinate face-to-face meetings with parents several times year. These meetings are a crucial way for teachers and parents to work together to best meet the needs of the students, but the logistics of planning dozens of meetings can be difficult and time consuming. Twine’s Parent-teacher conference scheduling tools make it easy: teachers designate specific days and times they are available to meet, and parents log in and choose appointment times from the open slots.

Permission forms and approvals

Field trips, codes of conduct, and other activities requiring parent approval or sign-off are another source of logistical difficulty for teachers and potential liability for schools. Too often forms have to be distributed to students, make it home without being lost, get signed by a parent and make it back to a teacher. Particularly with younger students, this process can be a challenge. With Twine forms teachers and administrators create custom permission forms and send them off to parents electronically. Parents sign and send them back through the system, allowing for a more efficient, accountable – and eco-friendly – way to get all the paperwork completed and filed.

The bottom line: Twine Advanced Parent Communications helps your school operate professionally and efficiently, while keeping parents better connected and informed. The result? Reduced stress for staff and happier parents.

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